Antique Buyers | We buy antiques in Dallas-Ft. Worth, OK City, Denver, Houston.

TurnIt2Cash buys antiques. We buy antiques in Dallas-Ft. Worth, OK City, Denver, Houston and nationwide if it’s feasible- if the collection of antiques is large enough. We buy single pieces like antique stoves and multiple pieces from collectors and estate sales. If you are selling antiques as part of an estate call us first we are interested in buying your entire estate.

Sometimes people will call and think they have an “antique” and it might simply be vintage or just plain old, old. Which doesn’t mean we aren’t interested but we are talking about antiques specifically…
So what actually makes something an antique? That’s a question we hear regularly. Antiques are old, collectible things. An antique can be virtually anything that is 100 years old, or older and in it’s original, or near original condition.

Antiques should not be confused with “vintage”. Vintage is a term that describes something as older or from a previous era. Clothing and wine are often described as vintage. But if it’s less than 100 years old it’s not an antique.

We are interested in large collections of antiques. We buy all kinds of antiques- antique furniture- mostly American, antique pop culture items like old coke signs, jukeboxes, John Deere tractors & implements, music posters or automobile advertisements for example. We buy antique knives, collectible antique toys, antique firearms, antique instruments, American history antiques- like civil war memorabilia.

Another question we hear is: what are antiques worth? The value of antiques varies greatly. Some antiques are priceless. Some antiques are just old things- worth nothing.

The value of antiques is determined by different things. The condition of an item plays a critical roll in whether it is an antique of value or just age. Is it complete? Is it damaged? Is it in its original condition or has it been refinished? Is it highly marketable or only desired by obscure collectors? How is the economy effecting the market?

The history of an antique- who it is or was associated with and where it originated can play a critical part in determining its value. When trying to price or sell an antique the economy often plays an important role. All of these factors are things to consider when determining the said value of an antique.

Ultimately it is difficult to put an exact value on any antique. There are antique dealers, trade shows, appraisers and online sites that attempt to appraise antiques. But the most important question in determining the value of an antique or anything else comes down to this one question: What is it worth to you?

TurnIt2Cash buys antiques like furniture- hoosiers, buffets, dining room tables- sets, chairs, antique vending machines- Coke and Pepsi, old business signs like the type gas stations, oil companies, movie theaters, farm suppliers and restaurants used, old farm implements, tractors, wagons, knives (collections), guns/firearms, rugs, lights, desks, cars and more.

If you are selling an antique or anything that’s just plain old- we are probably interested because we love old stuff.

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City