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Do you have questions about what an estate sale is? Why people have estate sales? How to have/liquidate an estate sale? We answer these questions in this post…

What is an estate sale?
An estate sale is the selling of a persons belongings.
It usually means the liquidation of a large quantity of merchandise.

Why do people have estate sales? For many reasons. The most commonly known reason for an estate sale is the passing of the owner. This creates a need for the surviving family, or others, to liquidate the belongings of the deceased. There is usually no longer a use for most of the belongings and no place to store it. Sometimes a divorce is the reason for an estate sale or liquidating a large amount of property. Re-location, due to a job change or career advancement, is a reason some folks have an estate sale. Money is needed for these things. Sometimes a family member is retiring and moving to a retirement community, moving into a rest home, assisted living or are experiencing another lifestyle change- all of these things can create the need to have an estate sale. Another reason people have an estate sale is due to foreclosure. The economy has caused many foreclosures. A large portion of what is owned at the time of a foreclosure is often sold in an estate sale.  There are many reasons people have estate sales.

How do you have an estate sale-how do you liquidate an estate? There are several ways to sell an estate. You can call TurnIt2Cash and make a simple, direct cash deal for the contents of your estate. You can do it yourself (read this post about the problems you may encounter listing estate items for sale on internet classified sites or trying to have garage/yard sales), you can try more commonly known methods like auction houses and traditional estate liquidation companies. The biggest problems that these estate liquidation companies & auction houses present is the monetary cost to you and the extensive time you will have to spend dealing with them. They will inform you that the scope of liquidating an estate can be nearly overwhelming and very expensive- which it can be. What do they mean by expensive? They charge as much as 50% of any monies made from the sale of your belongings. They will tell you this is what it takes for them to make a profit and still cover their overhead. Like advertising cost, research cost, security cost, labor cost, refreshments for buyers, how their fees make it easier to part with sometimes sentimental belongings- and other costs. They will make you wait to collect your percentage of the money. Part of that waiting means you will have to trust them to collect, manage and transfer your percentage to you. What do they mean by nearly overwhelming? If you agree to have the sale at your location there will be many different people showing up. There will be the hired companies network of “loyal” buyers, a zoo of dealers and of course countless private party garage sellers looking for a deal on a coffee table, old bicycle or what not. If you agree to have an auction at another location like an auction house there will be more fees for packing and moving everything- and probably more fees for moving what’s left back to your location or to storage or to donation centers or to the landfill or to wherever. What do we mean by what’s left? Usually a lot. It’s probable that everything will not be sold at an auction house. It’s probable that there will be many things left unsold by a hired estate liquidation company. You will be left with things that you thought you were paying to get rid of. Why should that be your headache? You have enough to be concerned with sorting through the death of a loved one, experiencing a foreclosure or some other change in your life.

What is the most effective way to liquidate an estate? Contact Turn It 2 Cash- we will work with you on a fair, cash price for your bigger, more expensive items or for everything you are trying to liquidate. Sometimes we settle on a cash deal for your bigger, more expensive items like cars, trucks, boats, tool collections, antiques, sporting goods collections, taxidermy collections and machinery like tractors. Then offer you advise on the value of your remaining items and how to get rid of them. Things like common furniture, old clothing and knick-knacks. Other times we settle on a single, cash price for everything. You won’t have the hassles of dealing with many different people. You won’t have to sweat over how much money you might see after percentages, fees, other costs and a boat load of paperwork. You won’t have the backache that comes with moving and packing things, or the painfully expensive cost of paying someone else to do it. You won’t be stuck with a bunch of stuff impossible to sell- especially in today’s economy. You won’t worry about whether or not we can sell it, what things we decide to donate, what has to be disposed of or what things are kept by us, because you will rid yourself of everything in one shot and have cash in your pocket.
Either way- whether we buy everything, a large quantity, multiple pieces or a single piece- you can look high and low but no matter how professional some liquidation companies, auction houses and others in the estate liquidation process can be they just aren’t going to offer you as much cash with as little hassle as TurnIt2Cash.
That’s our business- getting you more cash and less hassle for your estate sale contents.
So whether we agree to buy all of the contents of your estate or just the bigger, more expensive items we are confident you will be left with more cash and less hassle by calling us first.

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City

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