Taxidermy Collections Wanted- Cash for Entire Taxidermy Collections & Large Taxidermy Mounts

TurnIt2Cash buys taxidermy primarily in Texas & Colorado- Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denver and Houston. We buy taxidermy collections in New Mexico, Michigan, Kansas…we buy taxidermy nationwide from private parties, taxidermists, dealers, hunters etc.

We buy taxidermy. 903-819-9940
We buy large taxidermy collections.
We buy large taxidermy mounts- shoulder & full body mounts.
We pay cash.
If you are anywhere in Texas and have taxidermy for sale- Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Waco, Austin, Amarillo we buy taxidermy, we pay cash. If you are anywhere on the Denver, Colorado front range or anywhere else in Colorado including Ft. Collins and all mountain towns/areas- we buy taxidermy, we pay cash. If you are anywhere in the United States and have taxidermy for sale, we buy taxidermy and we pay cash. Selling taxidermy as part of an estate? We buy estate taxidermy…we buy entire estates.

ENTIRE TAXIDERMY COLLECTIONS WANTED! We buy all kinds of taxidermy- espescially as part of entire collections. We buy single pieces too of very large Elk, Moose, Buffalo- plains/North American Buffalo and water buffalo, Cougar, Bobcat, Hog, Javelina, Snakes, Bear- black, kodiak, grizzly, brown, Racoons, Badgers, Beavers, Fox, Coyote- the bigger the collection, the bigger the piece…the better. We buy smaller taxidermy like rugs, skins, horns and skulls as a part of larger collections.

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If you have taxidermy for sale … TurnIt2Cash!

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City