Selling a Tractor? TurnIt2Cash Buys Tractors & Bobcats

Selling a tractor, implements or other machinery?
We buy tractors, riding lawn mowers, tillers, wood chippers and other machinery.

Riding with grandpa- this tractor goes back to the 1930’s.

If you have an old Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Kubota, John Deere, Allis Chalmers, Ford, Carerpillar, Bobcat, International or other tractor sitting around rusting or a newer low hour unit you would like to sell- give us a call at 903-819-9940.
We pay cash for tractors. We buy other tools too.

Have other machinery you need to sell? A Honda, Husqavarna, Craftsman, Dixie Chopper, Cub Cadet, Toro, Snapper machine for sale?  Big or small- if it’s a tractor or other machinery-
TurnIt2Cash is buying. If you have a tractor, bobcat, riding lawn mower or other machinery you are selling as part of an estate we are interested in buying your entire estate. We offer a unique estate service.

We really dig machines. It’s like a lot of the things we buy and sell- we like them a lot. Tractors deserve respect. Just like us, the folks that use them- the everyday cowboys, farmers, ranchers, construction workers, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, landscapers, gardeners, homeowners, and the rest of us that run them. We all have a connection with machines- they help us till the Earth, plant seeds, harvest crops, bring that food to market, build our homes, build dams, haul goods to all of our favorite stores, build bridges, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure. We are thankful for tractors and machinery. Who isn’t?

Sorry but we don’t buy semis. We mentioned truck drivers because they were relevant. And because the very word tractor means “to pull”- but we don’t buy semis. Atleast not usually. Actually never that your dear author knows of- but hey call the boss and we just might.
If you are selling a tractor, implements or other machinery- TurnIt2Cash is buying!

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