Other Things We Buy

TurnIt2Cash buys all kinds of stuff- in large quantities or as part of an estate.

~ Knife Collections
~ ATVs
~ Estate Jewelry
~ Old Stoves- antique wood stoves, antique coal stoves, electric, box stoves, franklin stoves
~ Tools– Large quantities/big collections from private parties and companies
~ Farm Store Inventory
~ Hardware Store Inventory
~ Generators
~ RVs- travel trailers, 5th wheels
~ Golf Carts
~ Hunting Equipment- large quantities wanted
~ Fishing Tackle- large collections and liquidations wanted, rods & reels, lures, boxes, nets
~ Taxidermy- mounts and skins, large collections, large mounts
~ Sporting Goods
~ Tractors & Bobcats
~ Large quantities of seconds, samples and dis-continued items
~ Large quantities of new clothing- western wear, sports wear. New clothes only.
~ Antiques

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TurnIt2Cash buys all kinds of things besides estate sales, warehouse clearance sales and store closing sales.

The next time you are driving down the street and you see any kind of store think of TurnIt2Cash. Because that’s what we buy. The same stuff you see in hardware stores, farm stores and sporting goods stores. The same things tractor dealerships, retail stores, clothing stores, specialty shops, music stores, electronics stores, home decor stores, super centers, outlet malls, antique stores, pet stores and every other store sells, we buy.

We buy large quantities of quality merchandise from distributors, manufacturers, warehouse clearance sales, stores and private parties. Open the door to your garage, laundry room, bedroom, shop, entertainment room or gym- you will see something that we buy in multiple pieces or in large quantities. Open the door to your favorite sporting goods store, hunting supplier, car accessory store, clothing store, super center or beauty salon- you will see things we buy in large quantities. The next time you visit the most commonly known stores on your shopping list- we buy all that stuff, in large quantities from warehouse’s, manufacturers, distributors or as part of an estate. Go to the website of any of your favorite clothing designers, tool suppliers, appliance dealers, jewelers-  we buy all those kinds of things in large quantities from warehouse’s, store closings or as part of an estate sale.

That about covers all the other things we buy. If it’s for sale- whether it’s owned by a private party, distributed by a manufacturer, stored at a warehouse, overstocked by a store manager, left in a field to rust, kept in a shipping container for too long, because it’s stressed merchandise, a mis-print, second or sample, no longer wanted or needed for any reason and in large quantities or part of an estate sale, we buy and we pay cash.

If you want to make a simple, direct, cash deal for what you are selling call us first.

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City