Antique Stoves: We buy antique, old stoves- wood stoves, coal stoves, cook stoves,box, Franklin stoves.

We buy antique stoves- vintage stoves or just plain ol’ old stoves. Wood stoves, antique coal stoves, potbelly stoves, Franklin stoves, box stoves. We pay cash for antique stoves. If you have an old, antique coal burning stove, wood burning stove or a convert to gas or electric stove for sale in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Houston or Oklahoma City, OK- TurnItCash buys antique stoves. We pay cash.

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What are antique stoves? Let’s start by saying, they are a very unique part of American history. And there are many different types of old, antique stoves. We buy all kinds of stoves- we will cover some of these stoves and their history in this post. Starting with pot belly stoves.
These stoves warmed rail road depots and cabooses when this country was being settled. Early American pioneers used them in these rail road capacities and then the stoves settled into schools and churches. These pot belly stoves were appreciated for their ability to efficiently warm small places. They were great at generating heat. Not just for the railroads & public gathering places but they found their homes in woodshops, barns, studios and small houses. They had mushroom lids for cooking foods and raised edges, or a “lip”, so nothing would spill off.
Franklin stoves are another specific type of old stove we buy and they differ from pot belly stoves in that they were used in place of a built in fireplace. They were named after American father and inventor Benjamin Franklin. They were appreciated for the ability to burn fuel very efficiently, being free standing and offering a good view of the fire. There is nothing like getting lost or “meditating” in the presence of primitive, comfortable and life giving controlled flames.
Antique cooking stoves are another example of stoves we buy. They were being built as early as the 1840’s. And by the turn of the century (1899-1900) cooking stoves were being manufactured by the thousands from many, many different stove companies. All of these American style stoves were respected around the world for their beauty, craftsmanship and for their efficiency. Being the hearth in virtually all American homes they provided the energy, heat, fire to cook breakfast, lunch & dinner, warm bodies on long cold nights and provide hot bath water.
Base burner stoves are another example of wood and coal burning stoves we buy. They were very elaborate, attractive and ornate. They came in all shapes and sizes allowing them to heat virtually any size area.
Box stoves are simple and less expensive but still a favorite of patriots! And yes we buy antique box stoves. These box stoves were styled with a patriotic/federal type theme featuring stripes and other hints of American pride. Besides the federal theme they came with ornate flowers, birds and other ornamentals. The earliest box stoves were seen during the revolutionary war! That’s 1776…240 years ago. Most of these stoves were loaded or “fueled” from the side. They heated any indoor area of American homes. Not only did box stoves offer productive heat but their compact size made them popular because they were easier to move around than pot bellies, Franklins and others.
If it’s an antique, or “old”, cast iron stove like the ones mentioned above or a column stove, cylinder stove, parlor stove, small parlor stove or kitchen cook stove- we buy them and we pay cash. Brands- well there were many but to mention just a few: Dutchess Atlantic, Sunny Glenwood, Royal Fireside, Queen Bengal, Dutchess Atlantic from Atlantic Stove Company, Union Crawford, Progress Windsor, Roper and others. There are just too many different brands of old, antique stoves to list. And yes the casino games styles are many. But we do buy old, antique, vintage stoves. They are just neat. If you have an old stove for sale give TurnIt2Cash a call today and get paid cash for your old stove. Find out how our buying process works. If you have an antique stove for sale as part of an estate sale- remember we buy entire estates. Not just stoves we buy it all- taxidermy, knife collections, furniture, appliances, sporting goods, tools etc.

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