We Buy Clothes- Large quantities of new clothing.

We buy large quantities of new clothing. Please no used clothes or small quantities. We buy new clothes only. We buy large quantities of firsts, seconds, samples, shelved and dis-continued clothing.

If you are a clothing distributor, clothing rep., clothes manufacturer, warehouse manager or a clothing designer with a large quantity of clothes to liquidate- like stockpiles of clothing samples, seconds or dis-continued pieces, shelves with boxes of clothes collecting dust, a shipping container full of clothes, or are sitting on a large quantity of stressed merchandise give TurnIt2Cash a call. We will give you more cash and less hassle for those large quantities of clothes, garments and clothing accesories.

We buy any brand of clothing- as long as it is new, quality and for sale in large quantities. We buy t-shirts and sweatshirts by the thousands. We buy lots of western wear, work wear and sportswear clothing.

Some clothing brands and styles we buy, but are not limited to: Western & Work Wear Clothing- Stetson, Wrangler, Roper, Panhandle Slim, Dickies, Carhartt, Levis, Cinch, Polo, Lee- Shirts, jeans, boots and accesories. Athletic, Sportswear & Outdoor Clothing- North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, Mossy Oak, Real Tree, Bone Collector, Adidas, Nike, Merrell, Timberland, NordicTrack, Herman Geist, Fox. We pay cash for sweatshirts, western shirts, blouses, dress shirts, jeans, slacks, sweaters, vests, jackets, shoes, boots, belts, sox, t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, sandals, sneakers, running shoes, work boots, cowboy boots, hunting clothes, camo clothes, jumpers, overalls, sleepwear, robes, button up shirts, leather, plaid- if it’s clothing and it’s new clothing in large quantities, we have cash and we are buying.
We buy clothes in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, L.A., New York, Miami.

Most big t-shirt printers, large distributors and warehouse managers clearing their shelves of old inventor understand that we deal at wholesale and below wholesale. They know this before they ever even call. Usually because, like us, they have many years of experience in these markets. Often because they are a direct referral.
We do not sell clothes anywhere near retail. We usually deal below what most people recognize as wholesale clothing prices. Unfortunately many mom n’ pop size clothing stores and other small retail store owners have found that being a small guy in the clothing industry is very difficult. It is nearly impossible for them to compete with big, commercial clothing suppliers like Walmart and Old Navy. This is rarely due to lack of effort. The clothing industry is a very difficult business to be in. Folks in small clothing business’s have usually learned this before they call us. So please understand we cannot pay you anywhere near retail for your clothes. If you are closing a small clothing store, a small shirt printing company or leaving the clothing business, as a wholesaler or retailer, for any reason, please understand we rarely will come even close to offering you or agreeing to pay you what you might have invested in your inventory. We are happy to take your calls. We are happy to talk to you about the inventory of clothes you are trying to sell. We try to agree on a cash price that is favorable to both of us- that let’s you move your merchandise for one lump sum of cash. Saving you from being stuck with a lot of pieces after your inventory is picked over by shoppers looking for garage sale prices. You can save yourself the hassle of dealing with many different people at a large sale and the out of pocket costs that running these sales cost you by liquidating to us and we will still have room to make a profit.

Again if you are- the manager of a clothing warehouse, a clothing distributor, the manager of a very large clothes store, CEO of a large clothing company, the owner or manager of a big shirt printing company that deals in thousands and thousands of pieces regularly call TurnIt2Cash to liquidate. We will buy your old inventory of new clothes and clothing accesories. We pay cash.

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City