Dallas-Ft. Worth Knife Buyers- We buy knife collections: DFW, Houston, OK City, Denver. Cash buyers! 903-819-9940

Knife buyers: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City & Denver. If you have a large collection of knives for sale, give us a call. We buy knife collections and we pay cash. 903-819-9940.

What kind of knives do we buy? Pretty much any as long as the collection you are selling has a substantial quantity of quality blades.

Quality American Made knife collections wanted: Folding knives, pocket knives, fixed blades, bowie knives, fighting knives, machete’s, swords, daggers, bayonets, military knives, ornamental knives, old knives, new knives, whittling knives, scouting knives, multi-tool knives, boot knives, survival knives, butterfly knives, stilletos, hunting knives, throwing knives, combat knives, custom knives & antique knives.

Knives Made in the U.S.A.: Case, Schrade, Buck, Old Timer, Kershaw, Spyderco, Henry, Benchmade, Loveless, Ka-Bar, SOG, Marbles, Knives of Alaska, Western (before moving over seas), Herron, Village Blacksmith, Leatherman, Lake. Yes we do buy knives manufactured outside of the United States- Russell, Solingen, Kellam, Swiss Army, Hen & Rooster; German knives, Japanese knives, Norwegian knives- but usually these are only a small part of larger collections from the tried and true American classics like we mention above. If it’s a knife Made in the U.S.A. it’s a well crafted, unsurpassed, timeless classic fit to be collected.

If you are in the knife business, a private collector, a distributor, knife dealer or have a knife collection as part of an estate sale (we buy entire estates) and would like to get rid of your knives- give us a call. We pay cash for knife collections! We are taxidermy buyers, antique buyers, tool buyers, RV buyers…what do you have for sale? TurnIt2Cash- the name says it all.

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City