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Taxidermy- we are cash buyers of taxidermy– animal mounts; life size and shoulder mounts, rugs, skins, horns and more.  We buy single pieces, large mounts & entire collections. We buy taxidermy from taxidermists, private parties, dealers and hunting shops in Denver, the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, Houston and OK City.

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What exactly is taxidermy? Well the words origins are from the Greek meaning to prepare or “arrange” skin.

There are several types of taxidermy. The most commonly known version is classic taxidermy. These are the traditional, beautiful displays many appreciate and others abhor.
We personally, as a family, find the large racks of elk, moose, bear, buffalo and others to be a unique opportunity to see something so large and majestic up close- to see wild grace frozen in moments of peace and tranquility or in ferocious attack.

The process involved in mounting an animal has evolved from an animal simply being skinned, stuffed with cotton and sewn together (where the term we now use for “stuffed animal” actually came from) to what we see now- beautiful life size and shoulder mount animals that evoke awe.

Modern taxidermists- some being amateur hunters, fishers and hobbyists- others professionals that practice for museums, hunters, fishers and outdoorsmen use advanced, artistic techniques to capture animals in their eternal poses.

A simple description of how this is done involves preserving the skin by tanning or with the use of chemicals- depending on the type of skin. Then it is “mounted” on a mannequine made from wire and wool, wood or polyurethane. Eyes are made from glass. Taxidermists can buy these supplies commercially or they make their own.

The other types of taxidermy are known as “rogue taxidermy” which the famous jackalope would be a good example of and  “anthropomorphic taxidermy” where animals are dressed as humans and/or posed as humans.

So there you have it- a bit of information on taxidermy. Many of you reading this probably are well aware of the information provided or have a much more extensive knowledge of the history and means of mounting animals.

But no matter how you skin it- or stuff it, we buy life size mounts, shoulder mounts, skins, rugs and horns-

Deer- caribou, deer, elk, stags
Moose- moose heads, moose horns
Bears- bear cubs, black bears, kodiak bears, grizzly bears
Buffalo- North American or plains buffalo, water buffalo
Canine- coyotes, foxes, wolves
Rams- dalls, goats, antelope
Rugs & Skins- bear rugs, buffalo rugs, deer hides, elk rugs, timber wolves, zebra rugs

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City

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