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Need to have an estate sale? Instead, use the unique estate service TurnIt2Cash offers. We buy out entire estates in Denver Metro, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston and Oklahoma City. We are cash buyers. 903-819-9940

What makes our estate service unique? We try to make a deal to buy your entire estate and we pay cash. Cash for everything we buy- estate jewelry, tools, hunting and fishing equipment, boats, automobiles, taxidermy, machinery such as farm tractors, antiques, RVs, trailers, collectibles. If you would like to make a simple, direct, cash deal for your entire estate give us a call at: 903-819-9940. Here is some information about what an estate sale is and why people have them.

Considering having an estate sale on your own? One of the first things folks think of when they want to sell something like estate contents, is garage sales, yard sales or using internet marketing sites like Craigslist, E-bay or MarketPlace. These things sound easy enough, right? We are confident the easiest way to liquidate an estate is to call us first. Find out how it works with TurnIt2Cash.

Still want to explore other options? Let’s talk about some of the options mentioned above. We’ll start with internet marketing. Consider these facts before trying to sell anything on the internet:

– You will have to deal with many different people- strangers, from all walks of life.
– They will ask you to let them make payments, hold things, or have some other pay later idea.
– You will receive many, many emails and phone calls that are simply fraudulent. We receive dozens of fraudulent emails and phone calls every week from our own internet marketing.
– Some of the fraudulent emails and phone calls, though a pain in the neck, will be fairly harmless – people trying to sell you something or fishing for your email address.
– Others are more dangerous – criminals work these internet marketing sites in an effort to steal your money and belongings, even your ID.
– Dealers and business owners will “flag” and remove your advertisements. They will do other things to waste your time.
– People will want to come to your house or meet you somewhere else at night due to their schedules – presumably.
– People will arrange meetings looking for an opportunity to swap or blatantly steal estate jewelry – watches, rings, diamonds, silver and gold.
– Sometimes they try to leave fake identification to take machinery, an automobile or tools to be checked out by an “expert”, their “mechanic”, or their ‘friend”.
– People will call to ask you silly questions that your internet posts have already answered.
– People will ask you to re-arrange your schedule or inconvenience you in some other way, only for them to not show up at all – usually without even a courtesy call to tell you they aren’t going to make it.
– You will be haggled, low-balled and hear sob stories in effort to buy your merchandise for less.
– They will offer you payment options that sound too good to be true. They are.
– They will want to take things to be “appraised”.
– Criminals will come to your home or other location to case it for a burglary.
– They will try to give you bad checks for estate goods.
– They will ask you to hold things for them. If you agree, they may never actually buy whatever it is they asked you to hold. They won’t call you or return your calls- causing you to miss other opportunities to sell the item or items.
– They will try to pay you with credit cards. It may be a stolen credit card. You probably do not accept credit cards anyway.
– The bottom line is that trying to sell things on the internet can be cumbersome. When you put yourself in a position of dealing with many different people, from many walks of life- they are, at minimum, going to waste a lot of your time.

If you would like to make a simple, direct, cash deal for your estate sale contents, give us a call at: 903-819-9940

What about having garage sales and yard sales?

If internet marketing isn’t the first thing people think of when they are trying to sell the contents of an estate or other personal belongings it’s second only to garage sales and yard sales.

Consider these facts before trying to sell anything, especially bigger, more expensive items by running a garage sale or yard sale. If you sell some of your bigger or more expensive estate items like cars and trucks, RVs, boats, a taxidermy or knife collection, tools, hunting equipment, leather furniture, or antiques to TurnIt2Cash then a garage sale or yard sale AFTER we have been there might be a good idea for selling the bulk of your smaller, knick-knack household items. Let TurnIt2Cash come help you determine how to sell the household items.

But once again – you will have to deal with many different people- strangers, from all walks of life. And what are most of these people looking for? Most of them are looking to buy something cheap- like an old set of dishes, a lamp, an old recliner, a coffee table, garden tools, baby toys or whatnot. That’s why most of us go garage selling, right? To try to find a good deal on something and a good deal usually means paying very little. The money you make will probably be little when weighed against the headaches of having the sale. What other issues, what other pitfalls can you run into with large garage sales?

The weather is a good example. Mother Nature sure is unpredictable sometimes – no matter what our favorite weatherman or woman might say. Chasing a bunch of stuff being blown around the yard, or down the street, with a crowd of people marching around your property is no one’s idea of fun. How about running around trying to get grandma’s antiques under cover before they take a dunk in the rain?

But let’s say you plan ahead and it looks like sunny skies, little wind and nice temps. So you decide to put up all of your garage sale signs, posters, fliers and what not. You spread the word at your work and around the neighborhood. Hopefully your signs stay up. Hopefully your fliers stay put. Hopefully they aren’t taken down by the weather, some bitter neighbor, some store owner down the street that thinks you are stealing their business, stapled over by someone looking for their cat. They may even be removed by the local police – some cities and municipalities require you to have a permit for garage and yard sales now, as well as a permit (that you have to pay for) simply to have a sale in your front yard. But let’s say you don’t need one where you live. Let’s say you get all your signs up, the word is out, all the cats are safe at home, and the weather is fine. Maybe you even decide to pull it off inside of the house or some other building.

What about the traffic in and out of your driveway – people driving on your lawn (or worse, your neighbor’s lawn), running over sprinkler heads and dinging up each other’s car doors? Another thing to consider is someone “stepping in a hole” and injuring themselves, which could result in a lawsuit. We’ve seen a mail box or two run over from drivers that only get worse when they think there is a chance to save a dollar. What about two estate sale shoppers getting you in the middle of an argument over a set of sheets? What about your carpet, door jams, walls and the rest of the house or other location you are working out of? You could end up paying for a handyman to patch drywall from moving furniture around and carpet cleaners to clean up the mess from all of the foot traffic. Plus it can be like selling stuff on the internet – what about criminals? Thieves know a good opportunity when they see it. And what better opportunity than a big crowd of people swarming an advertised “estate sale” to divert your attention, while they calmly walk away with something they think they should have – without paying you for it? It’s easy to avoid your eyes because you are probably too busy trying to sell someone a T.V., tool collection or collecting a few cents from a college student for some old books. What about the lady talking to you about how cute your nails are while her partner is sneaking a piece of art out the backdoor or unlocking a basement window so they can return late r- for an uninvited visit? What about those nice folks smiling at you, pretending they don’t understand English, so they can haggle you senseless? Are you willing to take a check from a stranger for your tool collection?

These scenarios might sound silly, but all are possible. Some are much less likely than others, while some won’t happen at all.

Let’s say you avoid any thieves, foreigners speaking “No-English”, bad weather, arguing shoppers, and lawsuits for some accidental, or intentional, event. You will still deal with many, many different people – but again let’s say they are all civil and there are no unexpected mishaps, they all suddenly learn how to drive and there is a bubble over your estate sale location to protect it from the weather…

What about everything you don’t sell? Can you afford to be stuck with a bunch of stuff you can’t sell? Things that were an expense to your family at one time may, now, have little or no value. What would you do with the stuff you don’t sale? You will have to spend more time dealing with it. You will have to deal with more people. Dealing with these people will cost you money. You might have to rent a truck, might have to pay for movers, dump fees, a roll off, packing supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap – or maybe you would choose driving around to liquor stores picking up free boxes. You will have to make appointments for charities to pick stuff up. You might have to pay for professional movers to take things to be disposed of or donated.

The pitfalls of trying to liquidate your own estate can be numerous. Save yourself the headache of trying to sell your own merchandise. Avoid dealing with crowds of people that at the very least are going to waste your time. Avoid the trouble of countless phone calls, messages, and emails from internet marketing. Avoid the complications that liquidation companies, auction houses, brokers and other middlemen bring.

Call TurnIt2Cash and deal with one person, directly. We pay lump sums of cash for estate contents. We buy things like large collections of hunting and sporting goods, knives, taxidermy and tools, as well as estate jewelry, cars and trucks, boats, tractors, and RVs from private parties. We buy other things too.

TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City

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