Denver Taxidermy Buyers- Cash for mounts, skins, rugs, horns.

Denver Taxidermy Buyers
TurnIt2Cash buys quality mounts- shoulder mounts, head mounts, full mounts.
  • Deer- caribou, deer, buck,¬†elk, stags
  • Moose- moose heads, moose horns
  • Bears- bear cubs, black bears, kodiak bears, grizzly bears
  • Canine- coyotes, foxes, wolves
  • Rams- dalls, goats, antelope
  • Rugs & Skins- bear rugs, buffalo rugs, deer hides, elk rugs, timber wolves, zebra rugs
We pay cash for quality mounts, rugs and other taxidermy in Denver. Entire collections and large mounts wanted.903-819-9940
TurnIt2Cash- Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City