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What do we know about RVs? Quite a bit. What exactly is a travel trailer RV? RV is an abbreviation for “Recreational Vehicle”. Recreational vehicles are basically a house on wheels. Any vehicle that is towed or powered by it’s own motor. Technically it should have a living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to be considered an RV. And we buy all kinds of RVs- towed RVs- bumper pulls, goosenecks, 5th wheels and pop-up campers.

The function and history of travel trailers is extensive. They allow us to travel around the highways of our country and bring the comforts of home with us. As Americans we have been towing them (home) around with us since the days of  covered wagons- our original RVs. That was in the mid 1700s. We used them as living quarters for traveling to and settling the west. They carried our families, supplies and equipment for us- just like the modern RVs we are using today. Just like the kind we buy- the one’s pulled by a power unit. The kind of power unit used then was, obviously, not diesel trucks, cars and SUVs but big animals like horse and oxen. The thought of what those old wagons looked like brings to mind an image of wagons being circled to defend against attackers. We still circle the wagons so to speak but it’s usually in RV parks to relax away from home. And though we may not typically need to defend against a direct attack our travel trailers protect us against anything uncomfortable like the extreme elements (rain, sleet, snow, wind, and scorching hot sun), creatures of the night and the eyes of outsiders. Just like our homes do. They help us keep our comfort and privacy- away from home.

The history of recreational vehicles is older than the settling of America. The original name for RVs is caravan. Merriam-Webster dictionary tells us the word’s origins date back as far as 1588! That’s what RVs are originally known as- caravans. And even though caravan is a term used for a vehicle- it’s really a wider term that encompasses something much more. That something much more is people, usually a group of them, traveling or living in a home that is mobile. So an RV wouldn’t be horse manure without being a caravan- of people. Without the traveling folks like showmen, circuses, gypsies, adventurous campers, retired Americans and American settlers that have used them and defined them. Yes RVs do have a rich history through out the world.

In America they are still used everyday for many reasons. Most of us use them to vacation, go camping on the weekends or “snowbird”, meaning- head south when it’s cold and north when it’s hot. What else do we use RVs for? To live in- yes some of us use RVs to do more than travel in. Some Americans use RVs to live in permanently- check out Hit The Road JACK– a blog by Kimberly and Jerry Peterson living life as full time RVers. Some live in them for short periods of time- usually because their occupation requires it. They set up their RV for living and working- running offices and business’ right out of them using the convenience’s of wireless internet, cell phones and fax machines. Anyway that’s all we can share about RVs. If you want to know more- go to Wikipedia’s Recreational Vehicle page- I used it lots for this post. Thanks Wikipedia.

The RVs we are interested in buying are bumper pull, gooseneck and 5th wheel RVs. No homemade or garage built RVs please- even though some RV manufacturers, now successful, started out in their garage we are only interested in their finished, fully designed, tested and proved production models not proto-need-to-be-further-engineered models. You wouldn’t want to buy an RV like that would you? Exactly why we can’t buy them.

The brands of RVs we buy? All kinds- Forest River, Thor, Jayco, Winnebago, Coleman, Hy-Line, Dutchmen, Keystone, Airstream Trailers, Holiday Rambler, Gulfstream/Aluma-Lite, Palomino, Itasca, Hallmark, Heartland.

If it’s an RV pulled by a truck, car or SUV we are interested. If it’s an RV pulled by a domesticated animal well we buy those too- we have had a number of these because we do buy old stuff like antiques and wagons. If it’s a covered one used by early American settlers braving the wild, wild west- it probably belongs in a museum. But I’m sure we could find a buyer that would love to see it in their front yard or collection of Americana so give us a call- because if it’s an RV for sale we are buying.

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